TrakEnterprise is available for the desktop or the web.  Choose the one that’s right for you.

Powerful Tools for Collecting, Managing, Measuring, Analyzing, Reporting and Resolving

Track, manage, report on and respond to Ethics, Compliance, Audit, Employee Relations, HR, Security and other important corporate cases, complaints, claims, and issues more efficiently and with greater security with TrakEnterprise software, which gives you:

Integrated security and control features to safeguard data.

  • Operates securely behind your firewall for highest data protection
  • Runs on hardware you already own to give you complete control over your data
  • Lets multiple workgroups access data with adjustable visibility limits
  • Provides multiple security access levels

Built-in flexibility lets you design a system to meet your needs.

  • Modifiable dashboard control center
  • Edit most dropdown lists and field labels
  • Easily adapt system to changes in your company, laws and regulations
  • 1, 2 or 3-tier org choices, with address, city, state, plus 1 or 2-tier geographic list pair
  • Assign and monitor investigations and actions to be completed
  • Attach electronic documents, even audio and video
  • Efficiently search for text within attached electronic documents
  • Store cases/issues and electronic evidence in one comprehensive database
  • Optional links to  HR  to look up/populate employee data, and other data flows
  • Optional imports from external helpline vendors and legacy systems

User-friendly features to make monitoring data and generating reports easy.

  • Hassle-free ways to update, organize, monitor and manage data
  • Email templates speed up routine communications
  • Email alerts keep everyone on task
  • Board-quality, flexible statistical reports, charts and graphs
  • Report broadly, across the enterprise, or drill down to specific issues, locations, or units

TrakEnterprise for the Web

TrakEnterprise for the web can support global operations with hundreds of users, all on your own hardware and inside your corporate firewall. Having the system in your environment simplifies integrating it with your other data systems. Using industry-standard ASP.NET and SQL Server, TrakEnterprise for the web can be securely managed by your own IT staff, or managed by Devesys in coordination with your IT staff.

TrakEnterprise for the Desktop

TrakEnterprise for the desktop can run from individual workstations or from an application server. Board-quality reporting is accomplished with over 200 customizable Excel, Word, and Crystal templates.